Steal is a fast-paced card game for 3 or more players (Aged 6+), and plays in around 15 minutes.
One briefcase contains thousands of dollars; the other cases are empty. Players must steal cases from each other, hoping to be in possession of the case with the money by the time the game ends.
Getting the money is relatively easy; keeping hold of it is the difficult part, especially if someone plays the dreaded ‘Switch’ card!

There are 2 ways to buy Steal The Card Game.
You can buy the PDF files, including all the files needed to play the first edition of the game, from our page on the following site;

Or you can order the second edition (graphics displayed above) from Artscow. The main card deck and the cases decks must be ordered separately so this option is a little more costly.
Artscow link for the Main Card Deck;

Artscow link for the Cases deck;

This second edition includes some extra cards to add some variety, and all new graphics.

Also the game includes a new Cases deck, which includes optional ‘Top Secret’ cases (player with the most points at the end wins) and a Dynamite case - who ever ends the game with the Dynamite automatically loses even if they also have the case with the Money.

There are even multiple copies of the case containing the Money, to stop those cheats who curl up or tear the edges of the Money case so they will be able to recognise it (you know who you are)!


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