Star Wars BH

This game, for 2 or more players (Aged 7+) can be played as a standalone game or combined with cards from the Star Wars Stolen Plans Card Game 2nd Edition. The game plays in around 30 minutes.

In the Stolen Plans card game players were trying to end the game with the R2-D2 card,
this time around players take on the role of a ruthless Bounty Hunter and must
end the game with the highest credit reward total for the targets they have

Players draw or play a card each turn hoping to find invaluable Credit Reward cards, and spend
much of the game avoiding having those cards stolen by other players.

Rebel Alliance Attack cards will force players to lose cards unless they can defend
with weaponry or the help of fellow bounty hunters.

At some point during the game one player will be under contract by the Empire – giving them
access to valuable Imperial resources such as transport, air support and
When the deck is gone the player with the highest credit reward value wins the game.

You can download the PDF print and play game files for FREE from Mediafire using the link below

Star Wars is a copyrighted property. This is an unauthorized, unofficial game produced merely for the entertainment
of fans and is non-profit making.

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